Welcome to NB ballet studio!

NB ballet studio is located Kita-Yamata in Tsuzuki ward Yokohama city.

(The closest bus stop is 'Jyudai' from Saginuma of Den-entoshi line to Higashi Yamata(鷺01) or Tama-plaza station of Den-entoshi line to Center-Minami of Yokohama subway(た91,92,94). It takes about 10-15minutes from Kita Yamata or Center Kita station pf Yokohama subway).


We have ballet lessons for children and glown ups. 

Now you can get a pair of shoes or a leotard for new members of children classes!

For grown-ups, we have begginer classes, the first time for point shoes and variation.

Open classes are held everyday except Wednesday and Sunday. Saturday class is also avairable.

Please send emal to info@nyankoballerina.jp for further informations.

We treat some charactor goods of the 'Nyanko Ballerina', our original charactor. Please come the Nyanko Ballerina Shop(https://nyankoballet.thebase.in/).